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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  July 11, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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95 northbound out of laurel two left lanes are closed route 32, 95 southbound. 359 ramp to mlk, left lane closed there. megan. >> thanks. the deadline is looming this morning for a deal to be reached on the nation's debt. it's what leaders will talk about at the white house today. linda so is here with why a deal has to be reached soon. linda. >> reporter: well, if a compromise is not reached, the nation could default on the bills. and that could hurt our economy. it comes down to august 2nd what deal needs to be reached to avoid a default. on sunday the president met with congressional leaders to work out a deal. but after 75 minutes, things fell apart. democrats and republicans are having a hard time coming to a compromisech republicans are against raising the debt ceiling unless cuts are made. democrats want to raise taxes. the treasury secretary warns a deal must get done soon.
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>> the credit rating around the world says if congress doesn't act by the second they will downgrade our credit first time in history and if that happens, you will see catastrophic damage across the american economy and across the global economy. >> reporter: now the talks will resume first thing this morning at the white house. afterwards president obaml a hold a news conference to talk about what happened. in the stewed scrow -- stewed -- obama will hold a news conference to talk about-- in the studio linda so. bob bell leaving behind hiswife rose five daughters and 20 grandchildren and in addition to several great grandchildren. there's going to be a viewing wednesday at the st. louis church in clarksville. the funeral follows on thursday. bob belldead at the age of 78. and bea gaddy's daughter died after a brief battle with illness. she took over the family business of caring and feed for
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the poor. connie kept alive the spirit every thanksgiving and every day making sure those who needed the help got it. her funeral will be saturday at the march funeral home on saturday. authorities say the fouralarm fire at a days in hotel in catonsville started in a storage room. we are the only station in town to get this shot saturday of the firefighters rescuing a woman suggest on the 7th floor -- stuck on the 7th floor. 160 guests were evacuated from the hotel. >> my daughter woke me up and said the cable went out. so i called down nobody answered. phone at first and i called down again and got ahold of somebody. and then as i was talking to them on the phone i. realized my room turned black and it's to like basically get real low down to the ground and grab my kids that's all i needed was my kids and my phone. >> we saw her in the window and
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told the firefighters when they got here because we saw her peeking out and figured she-- peeking out and figured she couldn't get out. so they got up and saved her. >> two people including a firefighter had minor injuries. the fire caused about 3 1/2 million dollars worth of damage. apparently the summer break was short-lived for students in baltimore county today, some headed back to the classroom for summer school. sherrie johnson is here with much more on this hey. >> reporter: yes, it's back to the classroom today for some baltimore county public school students taking advantage of summer courses. thousands of students participate in summer school courses and programs. some classes cater to a variety of student who are look for enhanced educational opportunities and academic advancement. this year there were 20 summer school centers across baltimore county. students will take courses from 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. for elementary students. 9 a.m. to noon for middle school students and 7:45 a.m.
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to 12:45p.m. for high school students. public school summer classes begin today and endmost programs on friday august 5th. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> thanks a lot. students at prince george's county will study to earn college credit while in high school. today pg community college opens the session for 9th graders in the new academy of health sciences. the program is designed to help student make a smooth transition from middle school into high school while preparing them for college. students can earn up to two years of overall college credits. nasa says they are planning another flight today in the area. you may see a large 117-foot four engine turbo prop carrying 9 scientific instruments over interstate 95. it will fly as low as 1,000 feetabove the ground to measure air quality. you remember the tag line
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of jaws, don't be afraid to go into the water. >> one state they have been trying to he see some great whites in their air -- trying to see some great whites in the area getting too close to the shoreline. severe drought across the heartland and heat wave, massing flooding in missouri. we will show you the areas currently under water as we go to break this morning. there's a live picture of space shuttle atlantis hard at work. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30. consumers today have a legitimate concern about the chicken they eat.
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now "good morning maryland." eight minutes after five. massive flooding in missouri. these pictures are from st. joseph. you can see homes there, businesses under water. only the roof tops are visibility in some cases and that's the case with cars too. experts say that more missouri river levees are more likely to fail due to high water and pressure on the system. >> they can get no relief.
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across st. louis and member tis and down we knew about that. now this. no relief in sight. but closer to home, justin, we have got weather concerns here. a red alert day? >> yes code red air quality. this is not a day to be outside and i really understand this is july. it gets hot and it is not going to be good to be outdoors today. already 71 in towson and that's one of the cooler spots as we are starting to get someday light showing up over the hillside. so about a half-hour away from the official sunrise. look at navel academy. 75 by the water. -- naval academy. 75 by the water. not a good day for runers to get out early and do -- runners to get out early and do the morning jog. we are going to go higher than over the weekend. 90 both days but today low to mid-90s and we add in some higher humidity and dew points. and it's not going to be comfortable. in fact, we are going for 93 but a heat index value of 100
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or hotter and we are looking for some cloud to build in. maybe storms overnight. we will show you the future radar and the extended forecast in a moment. let's look at the traffic with tonya. >> reporter: route 1 northbound in laurel, we have construction in the two right lanes. so, stay to the left. if you can. let's go out and check 795 at oockys mill. a few cars out -- cockys mill. a few cars out there. wrapping up construction 95 northbound at 32. also picking up the cones and barrels, 95 southbound past 395, two left lanes are closed. 395 ramp to mlk, left lane closed. megan. >> thanks. it's ten minutes after five. great white sharks have been spotted off the coast of cape cod. the pictures were taken by a fisherman last week. for locals and vacationers, it was the topic of conversation. swimmers are adviced to stay out of harm's way.
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how is the summer crowd responding? >> i went in the water. >> i've been in. >> you went in today? >> i did and it's kind of warm down here in this area. so pretty nice. >> did you go all the way in? >> no just enough to say i went in i want to see them but not too close. >> the water is being patrolled just to make sure swim don't venture out too far. no closure of beaches yet, but that doesn't mean there won't be. last week a great white got too close and officials thought it was better to stay safe than story. >> a gray whale mom and baby was caught swimming in the area for a week and a half. it's been a long time since anyone around the area had see gray whales this far up river. 11 minutes after five. up next, tragedy for boaters in russia. >> we will tell you what the recovery crews are saying about a tourist boat that went down
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and the ship was 50 years old. across the nation's mid section, it's the heat and humidity. that's the big story there. temperatures reach dangerously close high marks causing some cities to take action. we will tell you what they are doing. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30 in the morning.
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now "good morning maryland." 5:15. official say nine bodies have been recovered after a tourist boat sank in russia. more than 100 other people were still missing. it had over 185 people on board. reports say that the boat was certified to care yea maximum of 120 people. tragedy in northern india. rescuers are pulling more bodies from the wreckage of a passenger train that derailed. the number of confirmed dead climbed to 67. and many more bodies are believed to be trapped under the twisted coaches.
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smash the record of 106 topping off at 110. >> hot and hume night so far just hot air. >> that's been the case dangerously hot weather in the mid-section of the nation. oklahoma city and omaha uncomfortable. milwaukee -- in mill walkee -- in milwaukee, they had to call of a a marathon after runners collapsed. we are only three weeks into summer. >> did he say 106? >> i think he did. >> oh. >> it's been hot here so maybe we shouldn't complain. >> that's high. it has been hot here especially. but that is a kind of hot reserved for places. >> elsewhere. >> 106? justin. >> yeah. i don't want to see 106. if anything, in my oven and that's not even warm enough there. but let's leave it there. you don't want to get an idea of the heat. this morning, these are current temperatures. 5:00 eastern time, so we are
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central time in st. louis and that's four in the morning at 86. that's the highest temperature i could find right now in the mid-section of the nation and if that's not bad enough, when we took theor in the humidity -- factor in the humidity, while 86 feels like 96 degrees. that's disgusting. and for what it's worth, this is the -- worth, this is the hottest time of the year. the hottest temperatures are during the second and third weekin july. this is warmer than a lot of us want to deal with. while high heat and uv index and high pollution is the case for us today and tomorrow, it's not going to get as hot as that. we may approach 100 in some spots but shouldn't go above that at least in the actual thermometer. it may feel like it when you combine the heat and humidity. that's what we are dealing w we have basically high pressure in control. we have got a look at wind out of the southwest that are light this morning but just enough to build in the dangerous air quality, dangerous heat index. all that combined basically to
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limit our ability to be outdoors and sustain that for any long period of time. future radar highlighting a cluster of showers and storms that will fire up in the mountains. and during the afternoon, we may get clouds out of that, and if anything it's going to be sultry as we build up that humidity very uncomfortable. and watch our future radar just flaring up a cluster of showers and storms between i-95 and the chesapeake bay and this is about 1:30 in the morning. between midnight and daybreak tomorrow. we could get brief relief and big boomers and we could get ourselves a little bit of a surprise to jolt you out of bed in the morning. but not going to cool us down. if anything it may steam things up for tomorrow because temperatures will stay uncomfortable for tomorrow. a cold front is trying to pass through early afternoon. our future radar calling 1:30 if it delays a couple more hours we can get up more heat tomorrow but it should taper
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off. cold red air quality. tonight, showers and storms after tonight. we will get down to 76 for most of us. near 80 downtown. that's not comfortable but it's not like what they are dealing with in st. louis. check out our extended forecast. heat index well above 100. tomorrow 98 the actual temperature. gig tomorrows is the -- storms in the afternoon. maybe a leftover shower and storm wednesday. pushing 80s is a good thing on thursday, friday and saturday. by that point, we can call it nice. ton yarks how about traffic. >> reporter: -- tonya, how about the traffic. >> reporter: marc trains are on time. let's look at the beltway on the southwest side. 695 at wilkins, no incidents to report here. of course the heavier traffic is on the outer loop to the left of your screen. nothing in the way on the inner loop. right now we are still just wrapping up construction. also don't forget, art skas has -- artscape that is several roads closed between mount
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royal and mount roiled is closed from north avenue to -- royal is closed from north avenue to charles street. all eyes on the skies inpensacola. thousands packed for the blue angels air show. the navy ace flying squad performed nearly an hour of daring stunts as a reminder they had to cancel the show at navy graduation. all right, after weeks in critically high prices, prices are dropping. >> analysts think the prices may be stuck here for a while. we will explain. and we are five days away from harry potter's final chapter. it's the big movie event of the summer. a lot of you are excited. we will look at who took home box office gold this past weekend. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30 in the morning.
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this morning's pump watch, experts say don't expect to see gas price drop soon.
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the lindberg survey says it stop due to leveling off the crude oil surprises -- price gas is selling for 3.43 at bj's in pasadena. in joppa selling about 3.47. we are down 38 cents since the beginning of may. working to help you save money at the pumps, we have a list on the website of the cheapest gas stations in the neighborhood. log onto abc2 trance -- transformers is the highest grossing film of the year. that will change come friday. this weekend, though, transformers brought in 47 million dollars raising the ticket sale to 261 million bucks. tough pay 20 bucks to see it in i max, 3-d horrible bosses finished second earning more than 28 million and zoo keeper opened at 21 million dollars.
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well the wait is almost over like we said. friday, the final move iest harry potter saga hits theaters around the u.s. some of the stars sat down with cnn to look back at the 8 films over the past decade. >> i like working hard i think potter instead a work ethnic me that i love to work -- instilled in me a work egg that i love to work -- work ethic that i love to work. 7-eleven is giving away free slurpees at participating locations. while the supplies last. the give away is in honor of the chain's unofficial birthday july 11th last year they handed out about 4 1/2 million free slurpees. today a good day to get it kids dress up for the midnight showing of the harry potter movies. >> you are a big fan.
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>> my wife loves it. i've never seen one. asked her if she wanted to watch? she said no. >> she doesn't want to go with the crowd? >> no. >> i don't blame her. made famous by a teen movie damaged by fire. >> firefighters worked overtime trying to save the hotel. hines ward could be in big trouble. spent a little time in a jail in georgia weekend. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30. let's look at this morning's tech bites from new york. >> reporter: in today's tech bites, a warning for facebook users there. are new scams on the social network. the first is disguised as video of casey anthony confessing. and the second has an app for the video chap. don't click on either of these links. the popular european music streaming service may launch in the u.s. it boasts instant access to millions of tracks
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and works on both computers and mobile devices. it is free with ads or pay a monthly fee to skip the plugs. and cosmospolitan magazine is going after a new demographic with an ipad app. it will sell cfg cosmo for guys. apparently the magazine has long what following among men and the editor says it's like the opposite team's playbook. those are your tech bites, i am daniel sieberg.
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now "good morning maryland. >> congreet gregal leaders -- congreggal leaders me -- congressional leaders meet to reach a deal. new reports of civilian airplanes drifted into
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restricted airspace in maryland. what the military is saying about the close calls with camp david. a big event, market house reopening. find out who is moving in. all that straight ahead on this monday, july 11th. good morning i am charley crowson. >> thanks for joining on a monday morning. today is july 11th. 7-11. get a free slurpee and today is a great day to get one. >> how long does it stay frozen when you take it outside? >> not long. >> that's the only recommendation i have to be outside because this is a day i wish it's better news but i don't. air quality alert. harford baltimore, carroll, montgomery and frederick and howard anne arundel southern maryland and lower eastern shore. basically, we have poor air quality that will get worse as the day wears on. look at this. 101 in philidelphia. they were leading the charge. most of us around 90 wan degree or two. and officially -- within a degree


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